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Custom Research Services

If neither you nor your representative are able to conduct on-site research, our staff does offer custom research services.


The charge for custom research is $30 per hour, billable in half-hour increments, with a minimum charge of $15.00. Fees are for the service of performing research on your behalf. Some research may yield unexpected results, or no results at all. In all cases, the fee will be charged, regardless of the outcome.

Response time depends upon the type of research to be conducted, and demands from other customers. Requests are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. 

If the research requires more than 1 hour to complete, you will be contacted for your authorization to continue the research.

Reproduction Fees: Library

The following fees apply to copies made from publicly available information in the Research Center Library:

Reproduction and Use: Archival Collections

Reproduction of the archival collections on deposit at the Iron Range Research Center materials is governed by U.S. copyright law and any unique rights and restrictions stipulated in the original donation agreement of each collection. Some collections can only be accessed and viewed. Other collections can be accessed and reproduced for private or public use in research, publications, or advertising.

Where digital scans of images from the archival collections are permitted, production fees apply. Please consult the Archivist in regards to specific collection conditions.

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